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Aaron Rodgers goes ‘Con Air’ at Packers training camp

Aaron Rodgers certainly knows how to make an entrance.

That gift was evident during last season’s training camp, when the magnetic QB showed up to Green Bay’s first preseason practice in a T-shirt referencing “The Office.” 

This time around, Rodgers strolled into training camp decked head-to-toe in action hero attire — slicked hair billowing in the wind, tight-fitted jeans, a white tank, and vintage cowboy boots to top it off — in homage to Nicolas Cage’s Cameron Poe character from “Con Air.” 

Rodgers nailed the fit to a T, and flaunted his classic outfit on Instagram with the caption “Put…the…bunny…back in the box. #greatestactorofalltime. What do you think I’m gonna do? I’m gonna save the f***** day! #cameronpoe.”

There’s a cryptic nature in many of the things Rodgers has said and done throughout the years. 

For instance, his aforementioned “Office” T-shirt, which alluded to the “Kevin’s Famous Chili” episode of the hit show, appeared to hold an alternate significance outside his love for the sitcom, and for chili. In the episode, Kevin spills his “famous” chili on the office floor, and attempts to sop up the mess before his blunder is discovered by his coworkers.


Several fans viewed Rodgers’ shirt as his personal declaration that he was ready to sweep his own mess — that being his lengthy dispute with the Green Bay front office — under the rug.

While that message was much more difficult to interpret, this one appears glaring: Rodgers is coming for it all this season, and as he put it, to “save the f****** day.” 

Here’s how the social media world reacted to his monumental entrance.

Aaron Rodgers

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