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Academy Sports & Outdoors shares have more room to run

Borgwarner: “Borgwarner’s next move is not going to come until the semiconductor shortage kind of runs its course, which will be Q1. We’re too far away from that. Wait two more months then pull the trigger.”

The Lion Electric Company: “That whole group is just down badly. I totally understand. I think [Lion Electric] is the best of that group. That said, obviously, all of these got eviscerated, but I would hold onto it.”

Academy Sports & Outdoors: “That’s [President and CEO] Ken Hicks. It has not peaked. It sells at 8 times earnings. I don’t know if you heard Ken on TV, holy cow. He’s as good as always been. I like that fella.”

Magna International: “No, no, no, because Magna is good. It’s going to end up making a lot of these incredible asset-light cars. If anything, I would wait about three, four weeks if it breaks down and then buy more because Magna is real.”

Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation: “Sporting goods sector, let it come in a little, but this is good. Have you seen [Dick’s Sporting Goods?]. Dick’s stock has been red hot. I love this group, and by the way, a lot of this stuff is like sold out. You can’t even get everything, so I want to stay long that part of the retail complex.”

IronNet Inc.: “That thing is a meme stock, and we’re not meme people here.”

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