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Boxbollen, the viral TikTok sport has taken the US by storm, announces global competition with $10,000 prize money

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Boxbollen (, the viral TikTok sport as seen on Dr. Phil & loved by celebrities including Khloé Kardashian, Kyle Richards, Scott Disick, Nicole Scherzinger, and Ryan Garcia, today announces the launch of ‘The Boxball Open 2022’, a global competition with $10,000 prize money.

Boxbollen, the viral TikTok sport has taken the US by storm, announces global competition with ,000 prize money

The Boxball Open 2022

Boxbollen is a fun, social, active game, which is great for kids, adults, even grandparents to enjoy either together or solo. On TikTok alone, the viral sport has over 100 million organic views of people playing it to date.

The Boxball Open 2022 – announced by Ryan Garcia on his Instagram – encourages participants from all over the world to hit the ball as many times as possible in 5 seconds; the current high score for most hits landed in 5 seconds is 27. The competition is now live on The Boxball app (available for iOS & Android), with entries closing on the 28th February 2023.

Boxbollen consists of a head-tethered boxing ball and the linked The Boxball App. Players ‘box’ the Boxbollen, while the Boxball App – provides multiple game modes, charity-linked challenges, and nationwide and worldwide social competitions with cash prizes.

To ensure a fair but competitive tournament, previous competition top-10 competitors will only have two weeks to enter, starting from 13th February.

Jacob Eriksson, Co-Founder of Boxbollen, comments: “After the amazing appetite we have seen for the sport across the US in recent weeks, we’re so excited to see how Boxballers – both experienced and new – can put their skills to the test against the rest of the world. This is truly a sport for people of all ages, and we can’t wait for people to test themselves on a global scale.”

About Boxbollen

Boxbollen is a playtech startup developing hardware and software that gamifies physical activity. The Boxbollen head-tethered boxing ball is linked to The Boxball App, which tracks physical interaction with the ball and personal performance-tracking, charity-linked challenges, and social competitions with cash prizes. Boxbollen was founded in 2018 in Stockholm by brothers Jacob and Victor Eriksson, and has a team of 15 across Europe and the US. Investors in the company include the founders of VC firm eEquity, the founders of Nasdaq-listed outleisure apparel brand RevolutionRace, and the founder of The Humble Co.

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