Browns And Patriots Fans Going Viral In Stadium Chant
New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)


The Week 6 Cleveland Browns game was a disaster.

That is a fact.

The only silver lining for Cleveland sports fans today is the Cleveland Guardians are taking on the New York Yankees in the ALDS this evening.

During the game, the two fanbases united in an unusual and even humorous way to wish the Guardians well over the Yankees.

Those Patriots fans are 99% Boston Red Sox fans so they definitely want the Yankees to lose.

Listen to the stadium chant “*Blank* the Yankees”.


The Guardians Can Save This Cleveland Sports Day

Fans will somehow be able to recover from the Browns losing to their former head coach Bill Belichick if the Guardians pull out a win tonight.

Many have written that the Guardians are the unsung heroes of Cleveland sports this fall.

They have the smallest payroll of all teams in the MLB playoffs, and they play hard with every pitch, at bat, and out.

Nothing seems to dampen their drive or enthusiasm.

The Guardians find ways to win.

They also have a manager in Terry Francona (a former Red Sox skipper which is endearing to Patriots fans) that could be a Cleveland icon if he continues to lead this team through the playoffs.

If only some of this mojo would rub off on the Browns.

Maybe it will, it is after all only Week 6 of the NFL season.



Aside from the disasters currently befalling the Browns, Cleveland fans do have a lot to be legitimately excited about.

This Guardians team is just one piece of it.

There is a young Cavaliers team who will hopefully do well this season.

Once again, hopefully, these things soften the hard blow of the Browns’ loss to the Patriots.

It will be a long week ahead discussing the issues from this game and the three-game losing streak, but for now, Go Guardians!