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‘College is so traumatizing for what’

For college students, both current and former, sleepless nights are far too familiar. One TikTok user reached into his archives to unearth a wholesome video of him and his old college roommate.

Jesse (@cashcropboy) recently posted a SnapChat video on TikTok in which he ensures that his roommate, Jerry, who’s on the verge of falling asleep, wakes up and finishes his essay due in four hours.

“He almost fell asleep and he has an essay due in 4 hours,” Jesse writes. Jerry lies in bed, initially unresponsive, as Jesse calls his name.

Finally, after repeatedly calling “Jerry” a few times, Jerry rises. He frantically plops onto his desk chair to work on his essay.

“You saved me,” Jerry says, before the video cuts off.

“A productive ecosystem”

The clip, while just 19 seconds, has captured the hearts of TikTok users. Many can’t help but adore their roommate dynamic.

“Get yourself a roommate like jesse,” one commenter said.

“College is so traumatizing for what,” another said.

“A productive ecosystem,” someone replied.

In two days of being posted, Jesse’s video has garnered more than 8 million views. Commenters invested in his relationship with Jerry urged him to post more Jerry-related content — and he did. One TikTok user dubbed him “Protector Of Jerry.”

Jesse also shares a video of Jerry returning the favor.

“he had my back too hahaha!!! I was really sick one time and he went out and got me medicine and gatorade,” Jesse writes. “a real one for sure!”

“This is actually such a nice gesture in college lol”

Commenters can’t help but wonder where Jerry is now.

“We must keep this man alive at ALL coast even if it means death,” someone joked.

“Bro are y’all still friends,” another asked.

“This is actually such a nice gesture in college lol,” a user replied.

“How do u not have his number, I’m keepin jerry on speed dial”

Jesse, unfortunately, hasn’t kept up with Jerry since their college days. He has, however, reached out to him in an effort to reconnect. TikTokers are perplexed by Jesse’s choice of communication: email.

“Commenting to stay on jerrytok,” one user said.

“How do u not have his number, I’m keepin jerry on speed dial,” another said.

“I just hope life is treating him well, jerry deserves the world,” someone wrote.

As Jesse and Jerry demonstrate, there’s nothing quite as wholesome as a pair of roommates with an adorable rapport. Now, all we need is for Jerry to email back!

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