November 30, 2022

Dana White’s 2014 rant goes viral again after Joe Rogan mishap

UFC 175 saw Ronda Rousey continue to assert her dominance as the woman to beat…

UFC 175 saw Ronda Rousey continue to assert her dominance as the woman to beat in Dana White’s fighting promotion, with plenty of challengers trying to get close, but ultimately falling to crushing defeats.

She retained her bantamweight crown in the main event fight. She took on Canada’s Alexis Davis, but it was a brutal encounter, with Rousey taking just 16 seconds to down her opponent, securing a knockout victory.

Now the former champion performs for the WWE, with much more earning potential with the company in a much shorter time frame too good to turn down.

Ronday Rousey UFC 175

The current WWE Superstar was imperious in the Octagon and was incredibly hot property for White in the UFC, with her brutal victory at UFC 175 the perfect example of that, with Davis feeling the full extent of her powers.

A month after UFC 175, UFC 176 was scheduled, but the card’s main event fight between Jose Aldo and Charles Mendes was pulled when the former had to withdraw through injury.

This left a huge gap to be filled for UFC 176, but nothing was on the table yet for that, so Joe Rogan took it upon himself to quiz Rousey on that in her post-fight interview.

Ronda Rousey was UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion for over 1,000 days

What did Joe Rogan say?                                                 

Rogan asked Rousey: “The main event for August 2 fell out. It was supposed to be a contest between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes. The truck just asked me to ask you if you wanna fight on August second?”

The fighter was understandably caught off guard and didn’t really give an answer to the question, but it was White who was even more annoyed with proceedings, confronting Rogan for asking the question.

Clearly perplexed but furious, White said: “Hey, what the f**k are they doing? He shouldn’t do that, no.” After apologising to Rousey immediately, Rogan appears and defends himself to White, saying Bruce told him to say it.

Safe to say White wasn’t happy, responding to Rogan by shouting: “That’s the dumbest f*****g thing ever, tell them they’re f****g idiots.”

Video: Dana White loses cool with Joe Rogan and production team

It’s clear just how unhappy White was with the ludicrous questioning, wasting no time to go in there and try and apologise to his fighters who make the promotion what it is.

Obviously Rogan’s career was unaffected by his faux pas, he is still a major part of the media team surrounding the UFC.

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