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Don’t get stuck: Warning issued by state park after truck sinks in sand

LEVAN, Utah (ABC4) – Heading to the lake for a weekend of camping and water sports? Take caution!

Park officials are warning visitors to avoid traveling along the water’s edge after yet another vehicle was found stuck in wet sand along the shores of Yuba State Park.

A large truck towing a speedboat was found stuck along the wet sands of Yuba State Park.

Officials advise campers with large recreational vehicles to keep a distance of at least 100 yards from the shoreline, especially if the vehicle is larger and heavier.

“The water level is still dropping fast, leaving soft mud behind and we’ve had rain the last two days to make muddy conditions worse,” park officials say.

Earlier this month, park officials issued a similar warning after a large RV and the truck that was towing it sank into wet sand due to an unstable shoreline.

Officials warn that the sands closest to the shore maintain a texture similar to that of mud which could lead to a sinking effect when pressure is applied.

“Remember all tows are at the expense of the driver/owner,” park officials warn.

Officials say looks may be deceiving when it comes to the appearance of “safe” sand. Maintaining a safe distance will ensure your vehicle remains above ground.

Located south of Salt Lake City, North Beaches campground in Yuba State Park is a popular destination for boating, camping, and fishing. It is one of the few state parks that offer boat-in camping.

Due to the plethora of camping and water sport opportunities, families may still have plans to head out and enjoy the last warm days of the summer.

Keep in mind that due to high water levels, beach camping is limited and reservations are required when camping in North Beach.

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