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Indoor Football League Partners with Build Your Base Sports Nutrition Program

The South Dakota Beef Industry Council is proud to announce that it will be partnering with Beef Logic Inc. to deliver the Build Your Base sports nutrition program to youth athletes and families as part of their Game Time partnership with the Indoor Football League (IFL) this Spring and Summer.

The Indoor Football League announced last summer that Build Your Base, a community focused sports nutrition program, managed by Beef Logic Inc., will be their official community partner throughout the 2023 season. The comprehensive sports nutrition program utilizes beef as its premier protein to prepare athletes and their families for a successful sports season through ready-to-use materials, best-in-class sports nutrition education, and high-quality protein to support optimal performance.

The IFL will be hosting Build Your Base- Game Time events in multiple markets throughout the 2023 season. Players and coaches will extend information through community outreach projects focused on the benefits of good nutrition and being active. The collaboration will highlight the role nutrition plays as a fundamental part in athletic success and will instill how good health and performance begins with good food concepts like the inclusion of high-quality beef protein in a well-balanced diet.

“We are extremely excited to be working with Beef Logic and the Build Your Base program. They are the perfect partner as we continue to work toward giving back to the communities that have shown us so much support,” says Todd Tryon, Commissioner of the IFL. “Build Your Base is out here helping families learn ways to be healthy and strong. It’s a message that we love and are so happy to be a part of.”

Game Time kicked off on Sunday, March 26, in Sioux Falls, SD with the Sioux Falls Storm. Beef Logic Inc. staff, Storm players, cheerleaders, owners, and coaches delivered the Game Time component of the Build Your Base program to hundreds of Storm Fans as they attended their season’s kickoff party at Frontier Climbing and Fitness.

South Dakota Beef industry Council, Beef Logic and the Build Your Base program share the IFL’s commitment to community. The program was created through a collaborative partnership with one common goal in mind, that of building a base for strong, healthy, and vibrant communities through positive nutrition concepts.” says Suzy Geppert, Executive Director, Beef Logic Inc.

Dr. Thayne Munce, Sanford Health, shares enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are proud to be working with the IFL to deliver impactful programming to families throughout the country that mirrors the sports nutrition concepts and choices that fuel professional athletes on the field.”

Indoor Football League Partners with Build Your Base Sports Nutrition Program

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Courtesy photo.

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