JLab Epic-, Air- and Go-series TWS earbuds and wireless headphones up to 50% off for January 2023

JLab is an audio OEM that seeks to stand out with TWS earbud case designs that solve the problem of never having a cable aournd when you need it…even if an increasing number of potential owners would need a USB type-A to -C adapter instead.

Nevertheless, the inbuilt mini-cable concept is executed to good effect in the JLab Go Air Pops, touted to offer “Bose Sound System for the Volvo EX90 with SurroundStage and BassSync announcedBass Boost” technology and ~32 hours of battery life. They are currently available on Amazon for just US$19.99, or 20% off their normal price in Black, Slate, Lilac or Red.

Then again, those less interested in specs and brighter colors could go for the older Go Airs, with Bluetooth 5.0 rather than 5.1, for US$14.99 (or 50% off) on the same store.

Then again, those who aspire to get moving after celebrating the end of 2022 by doing the opposite might prefer new TWS earbuds with additional ear-hooks, which are found in the IP55-rated JLab Go Air Sports, now US$24.99 (or 17% off) on Amazon.

Those looking for more advanced features such as active noise cancellation might consder the Epic Air ANCs instead. They are normally in the ~US$100 category, but are currently listed for 28% off (or US$71.97). Then again, all of the main JLab features thus far are combined in the Epic Air Sport ANCs, currently US$79.99 (or at a 20% discount).

Those may help keep fitness resolutions, but what about professional goalds? JLab has also released JBuds Work as wired/wireless headphones with an inbuilt mic. They can be found on Amazon right now for US$69.99, or US$10 off their regular price.