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LeBron James ‘lying’ about Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson is going viral

A clip of NBA star LeBron James ‘lying’ about watching Jordan Henderson score for England is going viral.

The Los Angeles Lakers man, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, is being mocked in America for his apparent lies.

James has made headlines recently for claiming to have been listening to Migos before they had even released their first mixtape.

LeBron ‘lies’ about listening to Migos

Rapper Takeoff, who was devastatingly killed in Houston last week, formed a third of Migos – the popular rap trio from Atlanta.

When asked about the awful news, James claimed he had been listening to Migos since 2010.

A lovely tribute if it wasn’t for the fact Migos’ first mixtape didn’t drop until August 2011.

“I’ve been listening to those guys for so long,” James told reporters. “I was listening to those guys my first year with the Heat in 2010. You can ask any of my teammates back then who had no idea who Migos was. They’re like cursing me out when I would play it throughout the weight room, throughout the locker room. I was like, I’m telling you these guys are next.”

What should have been lovely words from James turned into mocking the 31-year-old for his mistake.

New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers

Lebron James has a history of ‘lying’

Fans would have probably let the superstar off if it was just a simple one-off. But it seems James has a bit of a reputation for harmless little lies.

And another one is going viral on social media.

It involves James talking to Peter Crouch during the European Championships in the summer of 2021.

Co-presenter Maya Jama asks James, who is a Liverpool fan with shares in the club, whether he knew that Crouch is a ‘legend’ with The Reds.

“No, I knew that,” James responds. “I didn’t get an opportunity to see him play when he was with the club but I definitely knew that.”

LeBron James talking Peter Crouch and Maya Jama
LeBron James talking to Peter Crouch and Maya Jama

Fair play, James may well have known that. After all, Crouch is a pretty recognisable figure.

But it’s his answer to the next question that raised suspicions.

“The current captain, Jordan Henderson, just scored his first goal for England the other day. It was amazing to see. Are you a fan of his?” asks Crouch.

“Absolutely,” James replies. “And I saw a clip of that too. I didn’t get an opportunity to see the game live but I saw he was able to score one in the match the other day and I thought that was pretty unique the fact he would do that and also be with Liverpool Football Club.”

LeBron James talking about Jordan Henderson
LeBron James talking about Jordan Henderson

VIDEO: LeBron ‘lies’ about watching Henderson score for England

James may well have been telling the truth but the fact he simply repeated the information that had already been presented to him does make it sound like a blatant lie.

That’s certainly what fans believe anyway. Check out the reaction below:

LeBron James talking about Jordan Henderson
LeBron James talking about Jordan Henderson
LeBron James talking about Jordan Henderson
LeBron James talking about Jordan Henderson
LeBron James talking about Jordan Henderson

LeBron’s previous ‘lies’ with Rashford and Malcolm X’s autobiography

As mentioned, James appears to have a bit of history with harmless lies. When speaking to Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United striker explains how a former coach once told him: “Put yourself in situations where you’re not comfortable.”

“That’s my favourite saying,” LeBron replied.

Is it really?

And then there’s the time he seemingly lied about reading Malcolm X’s autobiography.

Never change, LeBron.

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