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The Singapore Sports Hub has begun implementing Covid-19 vaccination-differentiated safe management measures at its indoor venues and for its indoor programmes, it said yesterday.

All patrons must be fully vaccinated, or have a valid negative result on a pre-event test or have recovered from Covid-19. Their vaccination status will be verified and recorded before they enter the venue.

Patrons aged 12 and below (born in and after 2009) who are currently ineligible for any Covid-19 vaccine are welcome at its indoor venues, but only with members of the same household.

Ms Megan Long, 24, who plays badminton at the OCBC Arena two to three times a week, welcomed the new system. She had stopped playing badminton there during the recent phase two (heightened alert), but will return after she is fully vaccinated from Friday.

The law undergraduate said: “It is safer this way because everybody needs to take their masks off when playing. I hope that group sizes can go up to eight soon.”

Sports Hub Gym user Joe Lau, 21, did his own workouts at home when the facility was closed, but he prefers exercising there as the equipment is well-maintained.

He added: “The wide selection of equipment also means that I hardly ever need to wait for my turn, which is a big plus.”

Table tennis player Jarrell Yang, 23, who plays at the OCBC Arena about once a week, said the verification process was smooth when he and two friends returned to the venue yesterday.

Mr Yang, a third-year psychology and business undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, said: “I pounced on the opportunity to be back here in the first week of opening. It is a very well-managed and clean space. There are toilets and water coolers nearby, so it is a more hassle-free and pleasant experience.”

The Sports Hub’s safe management measures took effect on Tuesday, in line with the easing of Covid-19 rules. In the sports sector, this meant that mask-off, high-intensity indoor exercise classes and activities were allowed to resume in groups of up to five for fully vaccinated individuals.

Strenuous indoor exercise classes as well as strenuous individual and group indoor sports and exercise activities had previously not been allowed to take place from July 22 under phase two (heightened alert) measures.

Unvaccinated individuals who produce a negative test result or recovered patients can also be part of these indoor, mask-off activities that are limited to groups of five.

The Sports Hub said that activity group sizes of up to five are now allowed at its venues and facilities, including the OCBC Aquatic Centre, OCBC Arena, Sports Hub Gym, Water Sports Centre, hard courts and exercise and fitness stations.

Programmes at the OCBC Arena and Sports Hub Fitness Studio have also resumed.

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