Outdoor Sports Activities in South Africa

There is something for everyone regarding outdoor sports activities in South Africa. Numerous activities are available in Cape Town, from skydiving and rock climbing to water sports.

Adrenaline junkies and people not so much into risky sports can all find activities to participate in. So whether you are a tourist visiting South Africa or a resident looking for a hobby to join in, this article will highlight some outdoor sports activities one can participate in.

Horseback Riding 

If you are into horseback riding, South Africa is a superb choice thanks to its beautiful and incredibly diversified landscape, which includes everything from hilly regions to the virgin wilderness to a breathtaking coastline. You can even enjoy riding your horse on pearly beach trails.

You can also take your love for horseback riding to online sports betting in South Africa, where you can wager on horse races. All you need is a passion for horses and a little knowledge about them. 


Kayaking offers a beautiful way to explore the coastline and its residents up close while savoring some breathtaking town views. This sport does not require special skills. Thankfully, you don’t need superhuman strength or seal-like lungs to enjoy this rarely seen interaction with nature.

You can enjoy the sunset as you kayak in the evening and see the moon at night. This sport is ideal for everyone, even if you’re not an adrenaline junkie.


This activity is popular in Cape Town because of the perfect weather and breathtaking views of the sea and hills. Parachute Association is the body that regulates it, making it one of the most reasonably priced skydiving locations in the world.

People that have never tried skydiving before are briefed on the dos and don’ts before starting the activity. Experts escort them. Take that risk and go enjoy flying like the birds! 

Bungee Jumping

This is yet another sport on many people’s bucket lists. However, this sport is not for the weak at heart. It is almost similar to skydiving. 

In South Africa, bungee jumping can be done on Bloukrans Bridge which is situated just above the Storm river. It is the highest in the world as it is 216 meters above the river. However, proper safety measures should be taken to avoid any avoidable accidents.

Rock Climbing 

Due to South Africa’s stunning scenery, which is still being discovered, this new sport has gained much popularity. Rock climbing is available in Montagu, Boven, or Rockland.

Boven is renowned for its orange-colored walls and numerous routes believed to be over 700. Montagu, however, has 400 trails and a variety to choose from, ranging from steep overhangs, vertical walls, and slabs. Rockland is in the middle of desert flowers, and the sandstone comes in different hues.  

Be sure to take in the landscape’s breathtaking scenery while attempting to conquer your fear of heights by participating in rock climbing.


From the above-mentioned outdoor sports activities, a person visiting South Africa will have a wonderful experience. One should not just stay in their hotels; they should explore the sports available, fulfill their bucket lists, and find the courage to try thrilling experience.

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