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Outdoor Sports LED Light Company Featured On Shark Tank

I was catching up on the latest episodes of Shark Tank on Wednesday and was pretty intrigued by one of the pitches in Season 14, Episode 7. After multiple attempts to get on the show, Garret and Dakota Porter made it onto the fourteenth season of Shark Tank. Their product is ActionGlow, which attaches LED lights to various sports products like skis, snowboards, bicycles, skateboards, surfboards, and more.

For those who have lived under a rock since 2009, here is how Shark Tank works: entrepreneurs pitch their products to extremely rich individuals, in order to get an investment and business expertise into their company. They went in seeking a $200,000 deal for 15% of their company. Garret Porter and Dakota Porter ended up getting a $200,000 for 30% equity stake from Robert Herjavec.

Youtuber Joe Pardo, who analyzes Shark Tank pitches, broke down his opinion on the company. It’s worth a watch.

Image/Video Credits: ActionGlow, Joe Pardo, ABC

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