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RI high school sports winter season: The Journal’s coverage plan

They are the three words I hate writing the most — winter is here.

My disdain for the season has to do with the cold and misery it annually bestows upon us. Luckily, the winter high school sports season is a saving grace that prevents me from plummeting into a dark circle I’d prefer to stay out of.

Math isn’t a forte of mine, but the winter high school sports season feels like the shortest of the three. Previews come out, there’s a lull during Christmas and New Year’s Day, things pick back up in the new year and then it seems playoffs start immediately afterward.

High school basketball is about ready to tip off across Rhode Island.

So, how will we at The Journal follow a very successful fall season that saw our coverage go to levels the state’s never seen before? By being there.

With Bill Koch spending most of the winter covering college hoops better than anyone in Rhode Island, I’m going to try to get to as many games and events as possible. Thanks to my wife refusing to let me coach rec basketball this winter and my daughters being placed on the same teams as their cousins, my schedule is suddenly clear to cover more games than I have the last few winters — except when I’ve got to DadUber to Wide World of Indoor Sports every other Thursday for soccer.

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