Stefon Diggs can’t believe slap fighting is a real sport, delivers viral reaction

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs went viral earlier this week after delivering a hilarious reaction to “Power Slap,” a new slap fighting league founded by UFC president Dana White.

Diggs, 29, couldn’t believe that slap fighting was a real sport, but still seemed to enjoy the brutal nature of the competition.

Power Slap League by Dana White produces alarming KO

“Nah, this some crazy s–t right here,” Diggs said. “They right here smacking the s–t out of each other. Watch this right there… Ohhh! My gosh!”

The shocked receiver claimed this was his first time watching television in a long time, stating that he only watches Netflix.

Diggs shared the slap fighting commentary on his Instagram stories. At one point in the two-minute reaction, he did his best “Friday” impression when one fighter got knocked down.

Should slap fighting be a sport?

White, 53, has received criticism for promoting slap fighting with a new league, but he seemingly does not care.

Many critics of the sport believe it’s unhealthy to compete in a combat sport that does not allow fighters to protect themselves.

Multiple blows to the head is the easiest way to get chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). White says the league protects its participants with medics on scene, but it’s unclear how the trauma will affect fighters in the next few years, or even further down the line.

Diggs is currently getting prepared to compete in the Divisional Round of the 2022-23 NFL Playoffs against the Cincinnati Bengals.