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SuperCoach Racing 2021: Fox Sports star Yvonne Sampson gets behind spring carnival fantasy game

The spring carnival is Fox Sports host Yvonne Sampson’s favourite time of the year and it’s even better when you’re playing SuperCoach Racing.

Fox Sports presenter and host Yvonne Sampson can’t wait to get stuck into SuperCoach Racing over the spring carnival.

“It’s my favourite part of year – I love it,” Sampson said on Thursday.

“It’s a great time for me as a sport lover, as someone who cherishes working in rugby league, but also someone who has grown up around racing her whole life.

While Sampson won’t be able to cheer for her beloved Brisbane Broncos in the NRL finals, there will be plenty of action on the racing track to support.


“My punters club has grown to about 10 people and the group chat is buzzing at the moment,” she said.

“Racing is such a great way to bring people together. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or how much money you have – anyone with that shared interest can bond immediately.”

However, it’s not just the punters club that has the group chat talking.

SuperCoach Racing launched on Thursday and with the lure of a $10,000 prize to the winner the banter has already kicked off.

“We can’t wait to get stuck into SuperCoach Racing,” Sampson said.

“We’ve all played SuperCoach NRL and it changes the way you watch the game.

“Now we can’t wait to get stuck into the racing version.

“It’s funny, we have gone from being in a punters club and all cheering together to now fighting against one another and the competitive juices are flowing.”

When asked for a tip, the popular presenter chuckled: “Do you mean for the (NRL) premiership, the races or SuperCoach?”

“Probably the biggest one I can give is for SuperCoach players.

“We’re all used to building our teams throughout the year, whereas with SuperCoach racing you can make unlimited trades each week.

“So don’t make the mistake of looking too far ahead – it annoys me when the NRL players trot out cliches, but just take it one week at a time,” she laughed.

Originally published as Fox Sports presenter Yvonne Sampson gets behind SuperCoach Racing for the 2021 spring carnival

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