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The Future of Local Sports, Plus New NCAA President Surprise

On the latest Sporticast episode, hosts Scott Soshnick and Eben Novy-Williams discuss some of the biggest sports business stories of the week, including the announcement of MSG+, a new direct-to-consumer offering from MSG Network.

MSG (NYSE: MSGE) is just the latest RSN to unveil its digital product, but it comes at a time of great uncertainty surrounding how NBA, NHL and MLB teams distribute local games. The Bally Sports network is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Warner Bros. Discovery is getting out of the business altogether. The MSG+ product will cost $10 for an individual game, $30 per month, and $310 per year.

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Next the hosts talk about Charlie Baker, whose tenure as NCAA president began this week. Baker spoke with Sportico on the eve of his presidency, and gave a surprising answer when asked if some college athletes should be paid. The comments hint at the possibility that Baker could push the governing body in a different direction than his predecessors. The NCAA is currently fighting for its future amid challenges from advocates, lawyers and state legislators.

Lastly, they touch the increasingly complex sale of the Washington Commanders. Two news stories this week—one from ESPN, the other from the The Washington Post—shed new light on potential financial misconduct by owner Dan Snyder, and the growing tensions between Snyder and other NFL owners. As the sale process drags out, it’s increasingly looking like the NFL may need to do something to force Snyder’s hand, a decision that would be unprecedented and possibly carry some drastic unintended consequences.

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