November 27, 2022

This Versatile Outdoor Grill Can Cook Seven Different Styles – SI Showcase

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For years, Ninja has been a number one brand in small kitchen appliances, making top-rated air fryer models like the Ninja Speedi, the Ninja Foodi, and the Ninja Air Fryer Max XL. But did you know that the company also recently expanded into a line of woodfire outdoor grills that are easy to use at home, while camping, outside your RV, or during tailgate parties?

The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill (and its top-of-the-line sibling, the Ninja Woodfire Pro with Built-In Thermometer) offers seven cooking functions. You can grill, smoke, roast, bake, dehydrate, air fry or broil and add real woodfire flavor to any cooking style. Large enough to cook for a crowd yet small enough to transport in your trunk for a tailgate party or campaign trip, the grill holds:

  • Up to two full racks of ribs
  • Six steaks
  • A 9-pound brisket or roast
  • Up to 30 hot dogs

The included crisper basket holds up to three pounds of wings or fries or even veggies for roasting. The Combo Crisper Basket, which comes with the Pro model, allows you to air crisp smaller side portions as you grill at the same time.

Ninja grill with crisper

Ninja Woodfire Grill with crisper basket

Grab the optional collapsible grill stand to make the Ninja Outdoor Grill a permanent fixture on your patio or deck. Manufactured from premium, all-weather material, you can leave the grill out year-round. The Pro version includes a free grill cover to prolong the life of your grill even further.

The grill is powered by electricity and uses wood pellets and a convection fan to evenly circulate heat and smoke around the food for a smoky, natural flavor that makes every season barbecue season.

The easy-to-use grilling and smoking technology eliminates flare-ups and fires that propane or charcoal can create for a safer outdoor experience. The electric power source also makes it apartment and balcony friendly for those who may live in places that prohibit gas and charcoal grills.

Which Should You Buy: The Ninja Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill or Ninja Woodfire Grill?

Ninja Woodfire Grill - HERO

Both grills use the same proven technology and combine a small footprint with lots of grill space and plenty of power. They both include a grill grate, crisper basket, sample bags of Robust Blend and All-Purpose blend Ninja Woodfire Pellets, a veggie tray and roasting lifters.

What’s the difference?

The Pro version adds a built-in thermometer so you can have perfectly cooked steak, seafood and poultry every time. You’ll also get an extra two-pound bag of All-purpose blend Ninja Woodfire Pellets and a 2.5-quart combo crisper basket that makes it possible to grill your protein on one side of the grill while air frying French fries, onion rings, fried pickles, mozzarella sticks, veggies or your choice of side, on the other half. Plus, get a free grill cover.

If you are interested in all these extras for just $60 more, when you use promo code SI30 at checkout, the Ninja Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill with Built-in thermometer should be your choice and is the one we would recommend. After using your Sports Illustrated coupon code, the price is down to $429.60.

The base model of the Ninja Woodfire Grill (originally $369.60) comes with a crisper basket, two sample size pellets bags, recipe book and two gift items (the veggie tray and roasting lifters). You can save $40 at checkout with promo code SI40 at checkout.

Now that you understand the features, let’s take a look at what the Ninja Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill can do to simplify your next cookout and impress your family and guests.

Best for a Fall Bonfire: Smoked Tri Tip Nachos

Tripe Nachos Ninja

Nothing says Fall more than a bonfire gathering with friends. When you’re planning your bonfire menu, you’ll want easy-to-eat snacks and sides that complement your adult beverages of choice. These Smoked Tri-tip Beef Nachos are the perfect way to get the party started.

You might not think of cooking nachos on a grill, but the generous size, high hood and unique grill design make it easy to do on the Ninja Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill.

If you can’t find Cotija cheese, a Mexican hard cheese often used on tacos or in Mexican street corn, you can use feta cheese. Likewise, queso blanco is an easy-to-find substitute for Oaxaca cheese, or, in a pinch, you can use Monterey jack, which melts nicely in this recipe.

Date Night Dinner: New York Strip and Asparagus

Ninja receipes

Nothing says date night at home than red wine, steak, asparagus and a firepit to relax. This recipe calls for New York Strip, but you can substitute sirloin or even a ribeye. There’s no need to worry about flare-ups even with the fattier rib-eye cut when you use your Ninja Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill. Likewise, if you decide to purchase the Pro unit, the built-in thermometer is a handy feature for families (and dinner dates) that like their steaks at different temperatures.

Grillmasters and dads, alike, know the secret to a perfect steak is all in those sexy grill marks. The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill gives you perfect marks–plus robust woodfire flavor–every time.

The best steak, whatever the cut, requires minimal seasoning. A bit of salt and pepper is all you need, but feel free to add a hint of garlic or onion powder, too.

We love this recipe because it’s so simple. In lieu of canola oil, you may want to use heart-healthy and flavorful olive or avocado oil.

Family Favorite: Grilled Ranch Chicken Breasts & Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Ninja receipes

If you’ve ever made “crack chicken,” with bacon, cream cheese and ranch seasoning, you’ll know it’s always a hit for a potluck, party or easy weeknight family dinner.

Take those flavors and bring them to your outdoor grill with this fabulous combo meal of grilled ranch chicken breasts and bacon jalapeno poppers.

You’ll have perfectly cooked bacon, crispy poppers, and juicy chicken. Note that you are only coating the chicken in the ranch seasoning – you’re not making ranch dressing. That makes this recipe super simple. Best of all, you can cook the jalapeno poppers and chicken at the same time to have everything on the table together with no stress.

Pro tip: Out of shredded cheddar cheese? Substitute pepper jack or a Mexican cheese combo. This recipe will still taste delicious with a bit more spice.

Best for Picky Kids: Smoked Meatball Sliders and Fries

Meatball slider receipe - Ninja

These Smoked Meatball Sliders are easy to make and kids will love the flavor – and the size! To streamline the recipe, you don’t have to make the sauce from scratch – just choose your kids’ favorite jarred sauce. You can top the slider with provolone or mozzarella cheese slices depending on what your family prefers.

Use the combo crisper basket to make a side of fries with this easy meal little hands will love.

Impress the Crowd at a Cookout: Honey Soy Pork Chops with Crispy Rosemary Potatoes

Glazed porkchop recipe- Ninja

With the price of beef sky high due to inflation and the price of poultry also soaring, pork is gaining popularity as a go-to meal for many families. If you’re looking to feed a crowd, these honey soy pork chops with crispy rosemary potatoes will impress your guests without busting your budget.

Plus, you can prep the pork chops ahead of time and let them marinate 24 hours for maximum flavor, letting the tangy sweet flavors of honey, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce combine. Thirty minutes on the grill and dinner is served.

Best Veggies for Any Meal: Smoked Brussels Sprouts

Smoked Brussel sprouts

Whatever protein you’re serving up, fresh seasonal vegetables can complete the meal. The combination of Dijon mustard and BBQ seasoning makes these Brussels sprouts a tasty and healthy side. Best of all, they cook up in less than 10 minutes with just five minutes of prep time.

You can also use these seasonings for roasted cauliflower, carrots or parsnips, and even radishes. Never heard of roasted radishes? Try them. They are a game-changer to complement your favorite lower-carb meal or just introduce more veggies into your meal plan.

Final Takeaway on the Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill

The cook-out possibilities are endless with the Ninja Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill. The integrated thermometer means you never have to wonder when your steak, roast, pork, or poultry is cooked to perfection. The flexibility of two different size crisper baskets means you can cook your main course and your side on the grill, which means you can stay outside in the middle of the party instead of hidden away in the kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday gift or to treat yourself in time for tailgating season, consider the Ninja Woodfire Pro Outdoor Grill. 

  • Ninja Woodfire™ Outdoor Grill (base package): $369.60 MSRP. Take $40 off with promo code SI40 at checkout. 
  • Ninja Woodfire™ Pro Outdoor Grill with Built-in Thermometer and Premium Package: $459.60 MSRP. Take an additional $30 off with promo code SI30 at checkout.

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.