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Wilson a big supporter of Maine’s outdoors

As a former state senator, I am writing to show my strong support for Corey Wilson for state representative for Readfield and Winthrop. Corey’s service in the Legislature is one that all sportsmen and sportswomen can be proud of. He worked tirelessly to ensure our rights were protected.

He has a reputation for building effective coalitions across party lines and advocating for good policy. It is that reputation that earned him the Legislator of the Year award in 2012 from the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine.

Maine has a strong heritage of hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports. As a fellow hunter, fisherman, and lover of the woods, Corey is who we can count on to protect our heritage.

I hope you all will join me in supporting Corey Wilson. He has proven he is up to the job.


David Trahan


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